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I’m gonna jump… April 2, 2010

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…The broom that is—unpacking the marriage question. I figured I might as well tackle the hard questions first! This way when I’m shopping for the baddest birthday dress I won’t be weighed down with the accessories of “should I be married”, “why aren’t I married”, and “would my husband even like this dress” because baggage never goes with any color! When 27 rolls in I just to be able to shop stress-free!

My Dad used to say, “Don’t call boys; let boys call you.” As I got older, I heard my spiritual Father say “A man who finds a wife finds a good thing”.* So it’s been my desire to heed to both my Fathers because I recognize in their infinite wisdom they both are saying the same thing. I realize that it is imperative to be about my Father’s business. I recognize its necessary to be in the will of God. I’m cognizant that the only way to be found is to be in the right place at the right time. I take great comfort in knowing that in all the examples of Love that I’ve seen, the women God have been on assignment… some by their spiritual Fathers, some by their natural Fathers, and some by both. That list of great women includes: Rebecca, Ruth, Esther, Leah, Adair, Jean, Ke’Anna, Gwen, Paulette, Sabrina, Melinda, April, Alicia and so on. Inevitably, my name shall be in the number. Oh, to be in the number!!

(Somebody just missed their SHOUT!)

After all, greatness is not what you have it’s what you give. And I intend to give tirelessly to the pursuit of my Father. Ever recognize how giving the Proverbs 31 woman one was? She gave her tenth, her time, her talent and it was then that her husband honored her. And she never had to speak well of herself because her fruit spoke for her at the gate.

I dare not tell you how to feel at 27 about marriage or at any age, but I dare you to envision stepping into your very OWN glass slipper and trusting God for it. I’ve got examples of love at first sight, new love, old love, young love, divorced and tried it again love—So I’ll bank on “seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his

righteousness and all these things shall be added onto you”.**

And as my good friend says, “I’ll wait. Uhm, I’ll wait.”

And to those of you who have surrounded me in your perfect examples of love: thank you for showing the world that love and marriage is attainable and sustainable.

Peace, Love and Wedding Rings. TBA 🙂

*Proverbs 18:22

** Mathew 6:33


4 Responses to “I’m gonna jump…”

  1. Chosas **as only you know me** lol Says:

    I thought this was VERY well said. Alternatively, at 25 and in an almost 6 (SIX!!!!) year relationship I came to the realization that I wasn’t ready quite yet for jumping the broom. I knew I was in love with a man that I could talk to and pray with, who would understand. Yeah, he asked questions. Rightfully so. But I know who I want to be as a woman, wife, and mother in HIM! As you so eloquently described G “her fruit spoke for her at the gate”. I don’t just want to be a good woman. I want to be THAT good woman (good good even…..bwah ha ha ha **pinky to lip**). Durig this time of Lent, I got to see within myself. I saw who I was and I saw my potential. It would be unfair of me to bring hamburger and fries when I have steak and potatoes, right? lol. We are all so pressured to be what we are told but now, I just look up…not out. I have no box. I love you G and thank you for letting me know I am not alone.

  2. Do I have to say? Says:

    Oh to be kept by Jesus! There is a time and a season for every thing under the Son. I appreciate how you have expressed this, what many would call, issue. In waiting what should I be waiting for, the ring, the wedding, the kids…? No, for God to bring out the BEST in you. I always tell the young women that I speak to that you have a life time to reach the promises of God but I do understand that we are in a test of time. So understand that when God delivers the blessing He will give you double the time to enjoy it…lol! LOVE YA GALA

  3. Ke'Anna Says:

    Love is definitely attainable!!! …especially for a woman like YOU!!! I am so thankful that you would even honor the love that Andre and I share! We’ve (you & I) been friends for a lonnngggg time now and you have had the opportunity to witness my relationship with my hubby! Trust me, you are doing the right thing…although me and Andre have been together for some time now (i’m not calling out any #’s…hehehe) I still had to wait on God. You see my story…I didn’t have all of the answers but EVERYTHING was in God’s will and in His time! Just like it happened for me it surely will happen for you and I cannot wait until that great day!! 😉 You are such a strong black women and I am so grateful to have a friend like you!!! Oh yes, I absolutely love the blog…you never cease to amaze me!!! Love you!!

  4. Akosua Courtney Says:

    O this Love thing, there’s no right answers only whats right for you and you’ve expressed that ever so eloquently in your blog. Love it!! There’s only two loves that I can ALWAYS depend on and thats the love of God and the love of my Momma. And soon I will be able to add two more, the love of my Husband and the love of my Children, but until then I’m good and blessed with the Love I got. Keep brewing good news boo, take care.

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