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If you haven’t guessed… March 27, 2010

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I’m turning 27 in nine days and counting! I’m excited although admittedly, I don’t know how to celebrate; not quite sure exactly how I feel about turning 27; and even more perplexed by what one wears both on the eve of that blessed event and on the day bell tolls. Do I still date at 27 or are most women that age married or consumed with the idea of marriage? Should I be consumed with my career? Or, like many around me, starting a family, and “nesting”? Everything I did at 25 and 26 seem subject to change now that I’m turning 27. Do 27-year-olds still go skating? Do they still enjoy ice cream and gummy peaches or are they all on low fat/no fat diets? Do they already have their Master’s and PhDs? And are they earning six figures?

I have so many questions but, one thing I know for sure is that I’m grateful. Heck, everyone that’s “50 and fabulous” turned 27 at least once in their lives (LOL).

I’m also certain—and equally thankful— that I’m NOT where I said I’d never be by the age of 27: still working as a Production Assistant. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a Production Assistant; we’ve all taken that job once. (Right, my fellow industry mates?!?!) At the end of the day, I ask myself, ‘Am I where I wanted to be at 27?’  The answer is still unclear but the thought of being here in the moment feels great and the world still feels achievable!

Where are the women in my life who have turned 27? Where are those of us who are approaching 27? Let’s start a little dialogue! And men, you are welcome to join the conversation as well. In fact, I’d be ecstatic to hear your thoughts. Oh and feel free to ask questions.  This will make the journey even more exciting!!

Oh and to the naysayers who don’t particularly care about me (or anyone else) turning 27; that’s cool. The freedom is yours not to read further 🙂 I’m choosing to be reflective at this time because 27 isn’t 25 nor is it 18, 16 or even 30 for that matter. It’s an odd year, which I choose not to equate to the oddness I felt after turning 23. 25… hmmmm was not so odd. I completely embraced 25, and wore it quite well might I add. But I want to dig deeper to understand how I feel about 27 and what’s in store for an Ethereal, Scholastic, and Confident Hunney like me?

Oh le do it!!! Lol.


10 Responses to “If you haven’t guessed…”

  1. Roommate Says:

    Hello Beautiful-

    I absolutely LOVE the blog! I am also turning 27 and I have been consumed with thoughts of where I thought I would be by this time, where I am, and where I hope to be soon. We are still in the whirlwind of graduate school which can also be an uncomfortable place. Too old to party with the undergrads but still wanting to have fun! So over the ideas of not having money, but patiently waiting for something more. I’m not sure, 27 just feels like the age of a new threshhold. Only God knows what the future holds but I am excited for the ride!


    • Shot out to Roommate for being the first BOLD, Brilliant reader to comment! You’ve touched on some heavy pieces… the money and the fun!

      Wrapping up this last semester of graduate school, my beautiful young 23 or 24 year old friend just said to me “I cant be leave you’re turning 27! You look great!” My verbal response: “Thank you?!” Nonverbal response: “Ahmmm, How am I supposed to look? LOL!! I was tickled all shades of pink and red inside with laughter. I find it incredibly interesting how people perceive me as a 27 year old. While I think I’m still young and on my way, my 21 year old Sis thought me old 4 years ago, ROTFL! Tell her Roommate: “Her just getting started!” 🙂

      But again, I feel you– excited for the ride! Let’s keep trusting God for more and doing the things we’re called to do today in preparation for the Greatness ahead.

      Love. Peace and Spandex? :/ Not even at 20. LOL


  2. Tia Blount Says:

    So, I remember when I turned 27. It wasn’t too long ago; three years to be exact. By then, I was working as a Senior Associate for the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative, a not-for-profit that works to accelerate the development of a malaria vaccine for children in Africa. I was very happy in my career, albeit not being paid as well as I would have liked :-). Nonetheless, I was gainfully employed, married for one year and thought I had taken the world by the horns. Then, when I turned 30, I realized, “wow, as you get older, things really DO change.” My perspective on life, love, marriage and relationships had all changed. And, more importantly, I’ve changed. Twenty-seven is a wonderful year that should she celebrated like any other. No matter what you decide to wear :-), I’m sure you will wear it (and the age of 27) very well and figure out the answers to most of your questions as your journey continues.

    • George!!! I remember your 27: FIERCE, and FABULOUS! I certainly thought you had life by the horns and I still do. Heck, you’ve been the road map, the gauge and the ceiling. Thank you for inspiration and blessing me always. And indeed I will wear 27 well like Janice Combs wears a fur coat in the summer time. Hehehehe

  3. BPL Says:

    Well, first off im not female so i have no idea what a woman should or should not be thinking in some separate, gender sort of capacity. Yet i do remember the time i was nearing my 27th birthday. my mind raced with the possibilities of new and exciting ventures, opportunities to become the person Christ had laid up in store for me. I remember wanting that to be the time, since i was completing my practicum, preparing for the birth of my son, finishing Seminary and looking for a full-time ministry job that there was so much energy and hope. You get to make of the year all that it can be. No need for scheduling life to the moment, God has your schedule-don’t worry about marriage, The text still says when a man finds a wife he finds a good thing. You just start making yourself a wife if you are interesting in being found!! life brings us repeatedly to moments of redefining so don’t feel as if you are now who you will be for the rest of your life. and most importantly, Love and Learn more and more about Christ. That’ll sure nough make it a great year!!

    • And the award for the BOLDEST, male intellectual to grace us with his wisdom goes to my dear, BPL!!

      Sir, you hit the nail on the head! And gave us a great lead into the next blog topic of Marriage :0 So imperative for us to recognize it is HE who will find us. Sure takes the pressure off living– Just exist in the fullness of who God as called us to be. I hear you. Moreover, I love this idea of redefining moments. I do like to think of myself and my craft as a brand worth investing in 🙂

      But most importantly, I’m excited about what 34 has in store for BPL ministries! Where can I sow? This is an awesome man of God, people. Keep your eyes and hears out for him. I will keep you posted.

      Peace, Love and Wedding Rings. TBA 🙂

  4. Loylty Love Says:

    As a fellow woman facing 27, and seeking a Godly life I understand many of, if not all, the issues you are facing and the decisions you are contemplating. Must I evolve into what a 27 year old woman is expected to be, or is that even who I really am? Well anyone that knows me knows that I am a firm believer in the phrase “I can only be me”. I feel that God as allowed me to experience life a little different that most and I live life according to what G and my experiences have taught me. I live life with passion, I love intentionally, and I never give up. I am blessed to be single and I don’t want it to change until God says “we” are ready.(every successful and fruitful marriage involves GOD then the two in union). I’ve learned that everyone has a place in kingdom building and as single people we are the foot soldiers of the kingdom. Married people have to take care of their family business 1st then the church, as single people we have no other responsibilities than our selves and if we give unselfishly of ourselves to the up-building of the kingdom He takes care of everything else. As far as the partying, I have the same struggle! I love the hype, the music and dancing. However, I’ve learned that every environment isn’t for me, I can’t party with the tieddy boppers anymore and I’m not ready to sit down, swaying side to side snapping my fingers in the air either. So I find my speed and hit cruise control until I need to break or accelerate. Now am I where I thought I would be 6 years ago when I reevaluated my life plan, God NO but am I right where God needs me to be, most definitely and that’s who’s plan really matters. If you have positively affect the lives of others, if you have ministered to other through, words, love, and life style than there’s no better place than where you are right now. Let’s enjoy 27 boo as much, if not more than, we have enjoyed every other WONDERFUL year God has given us. Now what to wear, girl fabulous is your middle name so you just work it honey! I love you lots, why “because we home girls stupid” lol!

  5. Ashley Says:

    Hello Dear,
    I’m glad you’re embracing 27 and you’re happy! Your happiness is all that matters, no matter what age you are. Society makes a big deal about being married by a certain age, but in the end God has the final say so. I’d rather have the right husband find me rather than go out and be divorced because I didn’t listen to God. Thank God for keeping you another year and we’re gonna party hard 2nite! Love ya!!!!!

  6. elleqcasting Says:

    Gala, I absolutely LOVE your blog and for a blog virgin, as myself, you are doing pretty darn good! Its funny because 27 isnt really a huge deal to most ppl, its not a milestone or a bday that is made a fuss over, but, something about 27 is different. A woman changes at 27, almost every friend of mine has had some like changing experience at the age of 27. Your mind changes, for some reason everything is different & you want more and will not settle for anything less. I don’t know if its cause you are pushing 30 or what, but you change. What was ok before is a HELL NO now lol! I definitely changed at 27 but almost lost my mind turning 30 last fall so I hope you figure it out or you will be asking yourself those same questions in 3 years lol. Just know whatever is going on in your life right now, is whats supposed to go on. If it is not going on…then its just not your time (for whatever it may be). Either way, I wish you the very best & have a WONDERFUL birthday tomorrow 🙂

  7. Ava Tiye Says:

    Oh My Gala Patrice!

    This entry made me feel all of the warmth that is you! Yes, you will/are wear/ing 27 well. And even tho I didn’t get to spend the day with you, please know that I was there in spirit. I think #27 for you, specifically is definitely self-fulfilling and very symbolic. First of all, you turn 27 on Easter. You will, no doubt, be resurrected, renewed, enlivened and transformed positively. This is going to be the start of a new chapter! A very promising and blessed one!

    I love you and can’t wait to track this year!

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